5 Unique Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 10th this year! As we discovered last year, Home is Where Mom is.  So, why not give Mom a little piece of home this Mother’s Day? These 5 unique homemade Mother’s Day Gifts are guaranteed to show her how much you care.


Lemon Sugar Scrub via Living Locurto – Mom deserves a little R&R. Give her a spa day at home with a DIY lemon sugar bath scrub and then leave her alone long enough to take a nice relaxing bath.


Tile Photo Coasters – Give mom a gift that’s worth a thousand words and serves a practical purpose. These tile photo coasters are an easy do-it-at-home Mother’s Day Gift that will make Mom smile every day over her morning coffee.

Chalkboard Flower Pots

Chalkboard Flower Pots via Learning, Creating, Living – In the Victorian era, it was believed that each flower had a meaning. Give flowers new meaning by writing a note to Mom on it’s pot. Mom will love the sentiment and the sweet smell of fresh flowers in her home.

wine bottle

Toast to Her - Add one of these free printable wine bottle labels to a great bottle of vino and toast to what a great Mom she’s been.


Give her the gift of Home – Home is where Mom is, so why not give Mom home? Find out how you can create a watercolor painting of your house in 4 easy steps.

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7 Easy Easter DIY Decorations

Easter is right around the corner, which means that we’re getting close to decoration crunch time. If you’d like a shortcut, you can get all your Easter decorating done in one weekend, or even one evening, with these 7 easy Easter decoration DIY’s from Hometalk bloggers.

Stained Glass Eggs

Image: Jessica/Mad in Crafts

Turn plain glass ornaments into spectacularly colorful Easter decorations. Gather up these crafty materials, and have a vase full of stained glass eggs, perfect for your coffee table or tablscape, in just ten minutes. (See how they’re done here)

Tulip Wreath

Image: Christina/The Frugal Homemaker

 Whether your weather is turning to spring or stuck in winter, this gorgeous floral wreath will add fresh color to your home and make passers-by smile. Make sure to use craft store flowers, so that this front door decoration will last all season long. (Here’s how it’s made)

Mossy Bunny Garland

Image: Jessie Jane/Lilyshop

For a cute and quick decor upgrade, hang a string of dressed up bunnies cut from sheets of crafting moss. Indoors or outdoors, this Easter garland is a great way to spread some green and some charm all at once. (Learn how to do it here)

Chevron Ribbon Table Runner

Image: Maryann/Domestically Speaking

Add some sweet and simple decoration to your Easter table, with a rustic burlap table runner laced with bright ribbon accents. Choose whatever color best fits your home’s decor, or go classic Easter, with a pastel palette. (Get a better look here)

Aged Flower Pots

Image: Heather and Vanessa/At the Picket Fence

Everyone knows that the best way to decorate for spring is to bring in plants and greenery, but you can take that a step further, with aged flower pots that turn your houseplants into works of art. Give your Easter home a vintage vibe, with this easy terra cotta aging DIY. (Crafting directions here)

Decorative Hand Towels

Image: Taryn/Design, Dining + Diapers

 Add a drop of Easter charm to your kitchen with understated bunny-toting hand towels. These functional decorations are a cinch to craft, and they’re perfect for refreshing your kitchen space for spring. Not to mention, they’re super cozy. (See how she did it here)

Easy Easter Centerpiece


Image: April/House by Hoff

Turn some extra Easter eggs and a strip of leftover ribbon into an easy centerpiece, perfect for displaying in a large white platter or on a cake stand. To add a little nesting, arrange your eggs on a bed of bits of moss and straw, bunched up burlap, or some festive confetti. (Here’s how to set it up)

For more quick and easy Easter decorating ideas, check out all of the awesome ideas, inspirations, and how-to’s on Hometalk!

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Make Somebunny’s Day with These DIY Easter Ideas

Want to put a smile on your little one’s face?  Here are three ways to let them know that the Easter Bunny stopped by your house.

Leave a Trail of Rabbit Tracks

A great idea for inside or out! For inside tracks you can use baking powder and outside you can use chalk.

via happyhomefairy.com

Capture the Magic

Seeing is believing! This site will allow you to prove that the Easter bunny stopped by with pictures! All you need to do is upload a photo, choose your bunny and voila!

Leave a Treasure Map Note

Last but not least, a treasure map with hints on where to find hidden treats is an eggscellent way to end the day.

via curioussprinkles.com

Looking for more fun holiday ideas? Take a look at these.

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Kid Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner and Dessert

Celebrating holidays, no matter how big or small, make a house a home. Here are some fun food ideas that will create lasting memories for your little ones this St. Patrick’s Day.


Shamrock Eggs

Look no farther than your veggie drawer for a lucky four leaf clover. This easy pepper and egg combo is a quick and healthy way to kick off St. Patty’s Day. Recipe Here.

St Patricks Day Four Leaf Clover Eggs


Bento Box

While you could totally get away with a green salad, we suggest a fun option like this lucky Bento Box complete with a pot of gold(fish). Recipe here.

St Patricks Day Kid Lunch Bento Box



Green Mac & Cheese

This is a sure hit for little leprechauns. Recipe here.

St Patricks Day Dinner Green Mac and Cheese



Lucky Charms + Chocolate Cake…need we say more? Recipe Here.

St Pattys Day Dessert

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Romantic Homes To Inspire Your Valentine’s Day Weekend

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at some of the most romantic homes currently listed by Coldwell Banker? Whether your home is currently romance-ready, or you just need a little inspiration, these photos are guaranteed to make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside!

After a day of skiing or hiking, what better way to unwind than in a Jacuzzi overlooking a beautiful mountain range? This home, located in Aspen, Colorado, is the perfect location for a romantic getaway!


Listed by Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Real Estate for $9,975,000


Listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage for $10,700,000

Enjoy a breathtaking sunset and views of the Pacific Ocean from this home located in Carmel Highland, California.


Listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage for $16,500,000


Why buy tickets to see a movie when you’ve got a private theater right in your home? This estate, located in New Jersey, is the perfect place to cozy up with your Valentine and enjoy a movie together.


Listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage for $24,995,000

Sure you could plan a spa day… but what if you had one in your own home? This Mailbu house has its own massage room and sauna, so you never have to leave to feel pampered.


Listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage for $9,950,000

Imagine having this room all to yourself to put on your favorite love song and dance with your Valentine. You’ll feel like you just stepped onto a movie scene in this beautiful English Renaissance estate located in Lake Forest, IL.

However – and wherever – you’re spending Valentine’s Day this year, we hope it’s one full of lots of love!

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Home Tip of the Day: Valentine’s Day Home Decor Ideas

Decorating your home for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. Here are some simple ways to make your home feel more romantic this Valentine’s Day.

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*Header Image Courtesy of: Randy Heinitz

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6 Valentine’s Day Decorations to Spice Up Your Home

Dressing your home up for Valentine’s Day isn’t only about creating the right decor, it’s about creating the right mood! If there’s one thing that spa and hotel owners know better than anyone else, it’s that creating the right tone depends on how you choose to decorate. Turn your house into a romantic getaway, with these quick decoration DIY’s provided by Hometalk bloggers.

XO Pillows

DIY Valentine XO Pillow

Image: Hometalker Adina/ Simply Country Life 

Make pillows even cozier, with DIY pillow cases that encourage some V-Day sofa cuddling. With just a few pieces of fabric and a couple moments of stitching, you’ll have eye-catching decor that’s almost too sweet to snuggle into.

DIY Valentine’s Day Dinner Table

 Image: Hometalker Megan/ Rhapsody in Rooms


The key to the perfect holiday table is always the centerpiece, and Valentine’s Day is no different. Create your own budget, easy centerpiece using a DIY chalkboard table runner, some rose petals, and a few sweet sentiments.

3D Vday Letters

Image: Hometalker Shanna/ Restoration Redoux

Spray painted cardboard letters provide the perfect pop of pretty for a Valentine’s Day mantel, and you can personalize your message by spelling out sweet words, or by writing out you and your SO’s names.

Pom Pom Wreath

 Image: Hometalker Melissa/ Two It Yourself

 Use all your favorite yarn colors, to make a simple pom pom yarn wreath for your door or mantel. Though this quick craft won’t take too much time from your date-planning or gift-hunting, it will turn your home exterior into cupid’s clubhouse.

DIY Marquee

DIY Light Marquee

 Image: Hometalker Kelsey/ Poofy Cheeks

 People always say that love makes everything seem brighter. With this DIY heart marquee, you can take that literally, and add some sparks to your usual home decor. Think of this as a fresh alternative to illuminate candlelit dinner!

Alternative Colors Vday Table

 Image: Hometalker Dawn/ Creative Cain Cabin

 If you’re looking to surprise your SO or favorite couples friends with something a little different this year, try an alternative Valentine’s Day color scheme. Go modern and bright, with a non-traditional palette, like this mint and yellow table!

For more Valentine’s Day decoration ideas, take a look at Hometalk’s Valentine’s Day Ideas topic page!

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A Father’s Guide to Valentine’s Day at Home…with Kids

Ah Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated to love, chocolate and suckering you into buying expensive stuff because you’re expected to. While jewelers and florists rejoice at Cupid’s special day, those of us who are parents of young children have a bit of a dilemma: who’s going to babysit?

If your regular babysitter is a young female with a suitor, you’re in a bit of trouble. You may think of turning to your parents, but then of course they may want to go out for the evening. And just to make things even worse, this year Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday. Ugh. Your chances of finding a sitter have just gotten worse than the Sixers shot at making the NBA playoffs.

Nothing screams romance like an evening with children, but you have some options.

Option 1: Take the kids out to dinner with you.

I did this last year. Couldn’t get a sitter and my wife said she wanted to go out so we packed the kids in the minivan to experience some candlelight dining. Of course as soon as you walk into a restaurant on Valentine’s Day with all the starry-eyed lovers, you’re going to get some looks and even a few snide remarks. The key is to just own it. This is your reality. Sure, we’re the only table ordering off the kid’s menu, but a dinner out is a dinner out. Charge up those iPhones and iPads so each child has some personal entertainment that may keep them from being overly rambunctious. You could even open that wallet and spring for a new $0.99 app to give the kids a new game to enjoy. Then you could hopefully enjoy a meal, and some sanity, with your Valentine.

Option 2: Dinner and a Movie for the Wee Ones.

Ok, so you’re not ready to venture out with little ones and you’re stuck at home. While dinner and a movie may sound like a date night, it’s actually a decent option for your kids on Valentine’s Day. Order pizza and whatever Disney cartoon or Marvel epic they haven’t seen yet. Move that coffee table in front of the TV and put down a blanket for the kids to eat dinner in front of the TV. While they’re experiencing the wonder of animation, you can then move to the dining room or kitchen to have a separate dinner with just you and your Valentine. Now I will warn you, this is a race against time. There’s zero chance the kids will not come and bother you at some point, but these are the cards you’ve been dealt.

Option 3: It’s bedtime and a late dinner.

The two words every kid hates to hear just might be your one chance at a quiet dinner with your Valentine. That’s right, it’s bedtime. Oh the sun is still out? Too bad, time for bed. Send the kids to their beds a bit earlier than usual and plan on bringing home a special dinner. Let the kids listen to music in their room, read for a little bit or whatever you need to do to get the kiddos out of your hair. If bedtime is a struggle on an ordinary night, you might be out of options, but for those who can rally and push through this might be your best (and last) resort.

To all those parents out there trying to find babysitters and make the most out of a fictitious holiday, I feel your pain. Good luck out there.


Header image courtesy of Flickr user JD Hancock

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Tips for Enjoying the Big Game at Home

Now that we have all moved past Deflategate, we can focus on preparing for the Big Game!

Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks…


Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

As you set up for your party, be sure you have enough seating for your guests.

Next, be sure to set up snacks…

Lots and lots of snacks!

Seriously, you can’t have enough snacks. Looking for some recipe ideas? Try here.

If you really want to go all out then you can even get your pets ready for the game :)

Once your guests start to arrive, entrust your remote to someone who will not be tempted to flip through the channels. It’s BIG GAME day..it’s all about the football!

You may be tempted to get up during the commercial breaks, but stick around because sometimes this is the most entertaining part of the day.

Well, maybe not as entertaining as watching Rob Gronkowski.

Don’t forget to catch the half time show. Katy Perry will be rocking the stage.

In the second half…anything can happen. Let’s hope for a close game!

Now would be a good time to put out some desserts.

Last but not least remember, if your team loses the Big Game…don’t be a poor sport.

Need more ideas? Check out “5 football party ideas that will score big”


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Home Tip of the Day: Holiday Ornament Storage

Sadly, it’s time for many of us to put away the holiday decorations.  Storing your favorite delicate ornaments can be tricky without the right storage solution.  Use this clever trick to keep fragile ornaments safe until next year.

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