Real Estate Headlines for the Week of Labor Day

Summer doesn’t officially end for a few weeks, but the Labor Day weekend ushers in the unofficial close of the summer season. Days will soon get shorter as the weather gets a little crisper. This was also the last three-day weekend on the calendar for a while so before you get all depressed here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:

If being environmentally friendly isn’t enough, here are some monetary reasons why you should opt for a green home.

AOL Real Estate has a list of the 9 best places to retire. My birthplace of Arizona tops the list.

Can prefab homes solve a housing crisis? One town in Britain thinks so. has tips on a cautious approach to buying foreclosures.

Will we really be able to pay our rent in Bitcoin in the future?

Here are 8 easy energy and money saving home improvements.

Forbes poses the question would you rather own a home or $50,000 worth of bonds? Last time I checked you bonds can’t keep you warm at night.

This would qualify as a little interesting: 10 smallest homes on the market.

And finally, how old is the world’s oldest housing project? Try nearly 500 years. Oh yeah and the rent costs you less than one euro…a year.

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Real Estate Headlines for the First Week of March

It’s month number three of 2013. It’s one of my favorite months. You’ve got spring break, spring training, march madness and Cadbury eggs are now available in your local supermarket. So as we hope for an early spring, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

Alicia Keys has sold her glassy penthouse in New York City.

An interesting new company, WikiHouse, looks to democratize design for inexpensive and easily built homes. (video above)

CNBC reports home buyers are back, but where are the houses?

Kanye West when not busy harassing Taylor Swift, apparently is putting his Hollywood Hills home back on the market with a price cut.

Here are 10 areas that have had zero foreclosures in the last year.

Will robots change real estate? Inman News thinks so.

Bloomberg has some strategies to prepare for the spring housing market.

And finally, are you selling your home? Time warns you to choose your words carefully.

Real Estate Headlines for the First Full Week of August

0718batman2 Real Estate Headlines for the First Full Week of August

A home with a Batpool.

The East Coast has mugginess galore and wherever you’re reading this from I’m sure you’re in the midst of the dog days of summer. Before the week passes us by here are some real estate headlines to keep you on the pulse of what’s happening in housing.

A house with a Batpool? Why, yes I would like to see that.

KCM Blog tries to answer the question: Should I rent my house if I can’t sell it?

One guy just bought every foreclosed home in Macomb County, Michigan.

Economic Times asks, “do vacation homes make for a good investment?”

RISMedia wonders if new rules in Dodd-Frank could derail the housing recovery.

Here are 9 overlooked items to prep your home for sale.

And finally, is your bathroom in need of some freshening up? Here is a slideshow of 19 inspiring bathroom design ideas.


Image courtesy of AOL Real Estate

Real Estate Headlines for the Week After the Super Bowl

Possibly the most famous home of a U.S. President

The Super Bowl is over and this morning comments about the game, the ads and even Madonna are probably waning. What ever will we talk about for the next week? To help spark some conversation here are some real estate headlines for your post-Super Bowl edification:

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