Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of April

In case you didn’t realize it, your taxes are due today. And with that welcome to the middle of April where showers are slowly turning to those thoughts of summer. While you busily gather those deductions and W9′s here are some real estate headlines to start your week:

In Major League Baseball today, it’s Jackie Robinson Day where every player wears number 42 to honor the late great Dodger. We take a look at the place Jackie Robinson called home.

Realty Times wants to remind you that April is Fair Housing Month.

Forbes has a list of the hottest real estate markets on earth.

An Arizona couple has gone from a large home to a 204 sq. ft. residence and is saving $1,200 month.

CBS News wonders if the upturn in the housing market will now propel stocks.

There’s a home in London referred to as the “Lego” House. It’s not made of Legos but the outside sure looks like it (image above). It’s up for sale at $52 million.

The New York Times examines why home prices change.

And finally, how about this gorgeously designed dining room that seats 20!


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Real Estate Headlines for the Last Week in September

Is Halloween the best time to sell a haunted house?

My neighborhood has already started taking out the ghosts and pumpkins of Halloween. September is on it’s last leg and my favorite month is almost here. (Full disclosure: my birthday is in October) So as autumn arrives in all its color, here are some real estate headlines to start off this last week in September.

KCM Blog wants to remind those that declare the real estate market dead that 13,780 homes sold yesterday and another 13,780 will sell today and tomorrow.

Realty Times thinks that jobs are the key to a true housing recovery.

Looking for the most expensive city for billionaire homes? It’s Hong Kong.

EcoHome Magazine hands out awards for green homes that are also beautifully designed.

And finally, just in time for the Halloween seasons, HGTV Frontdoor has some tips for those looking to sell a haunted house.


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Sean MacEntee

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Real Estate Headlines for Monday Morning after Hurricane Irene

Telluride, Colorado

The East Coast braced for the impact of Hurricane Irene this weekend and our thoughts are with all those who are recovering from its aftermath. As we try to get back to work on what is an eerily beautiful morning in New Jersey after the conditions of yesterday, here are some real estate headlines to be aware of:

Realty Times looks at the stats and says that despite the outlook, affordability remains high for housing.

Telluride, Colorado is quickly becoming the second home haven for Hollywood stars according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Los Angeles Times reports that energy-efficient homes seem to sell faster and fetch higher prices.

And finally, would you believe this is the bedroom of infamous rocker Ozzy Osbourne?

Picture courtesy of Flickr user wordcat57

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Real Estate Headlines for Tuesday Morning

Yes, normally this blog post is reserved for Monday morning, but an extended weekend down the real Jersey shore has it delayed until the surprisingly cool Tuesday morning on the East Coast. In any case, here are some of the more interesting headlines for this Tuesday, August 23.

Realty Times dives into the concept of suburbia and how it plays into the concept of the ideal home.

Time uncovers a hot market for homes selling under $10,000. Yes, that’s right. Homes for less than a Rolex.

HeraldNet declares that for sale by owner is usually a mistake.

And finally something to chew on, RISMedia concludes that fixing the housing crisis would create one million jobs annually.

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Real Estate Headlines for First Monday in August

Welcome to August everyone. The dog days of summer are upon us and you’re sure to start seeing back to school commercials in the next week. There is a lot going on in the real estate world so here are some headlines from the past week for your Monday morning pleasure:

The Daily Journal of Commerce asks the questions “Are You Ready for the New Urbanites?” as they look at how younger generations are looking for a different place to call home than previous ones.

On the heels of an Anna Nicole Smith Opera (yes, that’s for real), CurbedLA reports the estate of Anna Nicole Smith has put her house in Studio City up for sale.

Realty Times peers into the real estate market’s future and finds the outlook to be a “mixed bag.”

And finally, for those interested in a serious party house you have to check out the “Big Blue Pool House” for sale in Corona Del Mar for a cool $15 million.

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