2015 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

Beware the Bulls.

No, not the Chicago kind. The ones from Buffalo. Never heard of them? Not surprising if you’re not from Northern New York but the Bulls of Buffalo are not only dancing in the tournament, but when you map out the 2015 version of the Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability they come out as champion.

For the last several years the Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability maps out the NCAA champion as if it was based on what college markets have the most affordable homes. This year we used the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report as the backup data for our picks. The Coldwell Banker Home Listing report takes a look at the price of a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in over 2,000 markets across the United States.

In this year’s NCAA Tournament field the most expensive market is owned by the University of California – Irvine with the price of a 4 bedroom home in Irvine, CA coming in at just over $1 million. The most affordable is of course in Buffalo with the price of that average home being listed at $97,288.

The theme in this year’s Bracket of Affordability is bet on the mid-major conferences having more affordable homes than the major conferences. In our final four you have Buffalo, Dayton, Ole Miss and Iowa State.

And as has been the case every year we’ve done the Bracket of Affordability, we continue to pick a 16 seed to beat a 1 seed. Actually, we have three 16 seeds beating 1 seeds with Coastal Carolina, Lafayette and North Florida all making it out of the first round.

Now do we think our bracket is one you should model yours after? Probably not…although I do like that Dayton squad who made a deep run last year to force a few upsets again this year. And I wouldn’t look past those Bulls from Buffalo either…

Take a look at the 2015 Coldwell Banker of Affordability by clicking the image below and see how these college markets stack up when it comes to affordable home prices. Then find an affordable home in your favorite school’s market by visiting coldwellbanker.com.

2015 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

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2014 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

The pinnacle of college basketball glory is finally here. Welcome to March Madness. Selection Sunday is complete and now we are left sharpening our pencils and doing more college homework than we actually did in college in order study up for the annual NCAA Tournament.

As we’ve done in the past, Coldwell Banker took a look at how the 2014 NCAA Tournament bracket would play it were it based solely on the affordability of the college towns in which the 68 tournament teams reside. If you think the actual tourney has plenty of upsets, our 2014 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability is chock full of ‘em.

The rules for our bracket are simple. The median sales price of homes in the college markets are pitted against each other with the more affordable town moving to the next round. So who is this year’s Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability champion? Turns out it’s a school in one of the hottest towns for college basketball. It’s Dayton.

The median sales price for the home of the Flyers, Dayton, OH, is just $53,000. Rounding out the final four is Mercer, Michigan State and the lone #1 seed to make it to the Final Four, Arizona.

Click the image below to see how the entire Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability played out and enjoy the madness that is March!

2014 bracket blog 2014 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

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Fort Myers: Home to the Ultimate Cinderella

fgcu Fort Myers: Home to the Ultimate CinderellaOK America.  It’s officially time to focus on Florida Gulf Coast University and their amazing, incredible and fun-filled rise in the NCAA Tournament.  They have so many storylines.  A former Wall Street hotshot turned coach who married a supermodel.  Players no one wanted or knew about.  A 22-year-old school with dorm rooms overlooking a beach.  And, let’s face it, until this weekend the school had about as much public awareness as the migration patterns of pelicans.

And included in the story is the school’s home in Fort Meyers, FL.  It’s a city of about 65,000 that is home to the  Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox spring training.  Michael Madden, who heads the Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate office at Fort Myers Beach believes the city is a bit of an undiscovered gem.

The school itself is located about 20 minutes from downtown or the beach and is situated right near two major shopping destinations – Miromar Outlets and Gulf Coast Town Center that continues to grow with new restaurants and hotels continuously being added.

“We have so much to do here with great fishing, boating and other outdoor activities with great weather,” he said.  “While Naples is likely more well known as a luxury destination, Fort Myers has a nice mix between our tourism base and residents.  Our downtown has been developed and Florida Gulf Coast University has also brought renewed vibrancy to the area with its student population. Along with Chicos headquarters here, the school has also created a lot of jobs.”

It’s also a very affordable place to live.  According the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report, a 4 bedroom/2 bath home in Fort Myers would average $201,803 compared to the same type of home in Naples costing about $300,000.

The affordability has allowed many FGCU students to forego dorm living according to Sue Wolverton, who manages the Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate office in the downtown Fort Myers area.   “Condos in the immediate area around the school can start at around $100,000, so it makes economic sense.  Often the parents discover the area through their kids and eventually buy a second-home here because it is so affordable and amazing.”

And there is no doubt FGCU is doing its job in raising greater awareness for the region.

“We are going crazy about the FGCU basketball team,” Madden said.  “It was a  great weekend and the entire city is EXCITED.  And that is in all capital letters!”

Slideshow: Homes for a Tournament Cinderella

The 2013 NCAA Tournament kicks off with a full slate of games in just a few hours. Your brackets should have been filled out although I’m betting you’re still debating how far to take that #5 seed (if it’s Wisconsin, you’re ok).

Every year like clockwork when the clock strikes for the start of March Madness, a Cinderella emerges. Gonzaga used to be the belle of the basketball ball, but now they’re a #1 seed. A titan that must be taken down. So who are the new Cinderellas? Well I think there are a few we will hear from this weekend. Below is a look at some incredible places that could very well play home to this year’s Cinderella. Here are five homes in the college towns we think are most likely to make a move for an upset.

1. A Home for the Crimson in Cambridge, MA – $2,650,000

Harvard is the academic pinnacle of the collegiate world, but this year they’re hoping to make their mark on the athletic side of things. Don’t overlook what Tommy Amaker’s team can do in the first round as they face off against a very good New Mexico team, but Harvard’s style of play can be difficult for an upstart team like the Lobos to handle. Just like the Crimson might be a surprise, you will find this home a pleasant surprise as it’s just minutes from Harvard and boasts over 5,000 sq. ft. of living space including stunning architectural details and a custom designed master suite. Currently listed by Gail Roberts with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

2. Duck Central in Eugene, OR – $685,000

Almost every single year a #12 seed upsets a #5 seed. This year’s most popular upset pick is PAC 12 champ Oregon taking out Oklahoma State. Of all the Cinderella picks, the Ducks are probably the safest one and this home in Eugene, OR is one of the most affordable. This four bedroom home has amazing river views, a spacious great room with vaulted ceilings and an incredible master suite. Perfect place for the Oregon Duck faithful. Currently listed by Jackie Hawks with Coldwell Banker Advantage One Properties.

3. Golden Bear Den in Berkeley, CA – $1,198,000

Here’s the #12 upset that everyone is overlooking: California over UNLV. Cal has possibly the best player you’ve never heard of in Allen Crabbe and a team that should not be overlooked. This home is Berkeley shouldn’t be overlooked either. It actually played home to the Governor of California back in the 1930′s and is filled with unique architectural details. Plus a finished attic would make a perfect den for the Golden Bear fan in your home. Currently listed by Joe Schembri with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

4. Crusader Castle in Valparaiso, IN – $754,900

If ever a Cinderella story was waiting to be written, it’s with the Crusaders from Valparaiso. 15 years ago “The Shot” was made by Bryce Drew of Valpo in what was one of the most memorable endings in March Madness history. Today’s he’s the coach of a Valpo team that has won some stunning games in order to make into the NCAA Tournament. They will face a tough Michigan State team, but one that’s vulnerable to the right type of opponent. If a castle was ever suited for a Cinderella from Valparaiso, this is that home. With over 6,700 sq. ft. and perched atop a hill with scenic treetop views, this kingdom awaits a weary Crusader looking to be crowned. Currently listed by Roxanne Gottleber with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.


Final Four image courtesy of siriusbuzz.com

2012 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

March Madness is back and so is the 2012 version of the Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability. For the last few year we’ve filled out our bracket based on which schools have the most affordable housing market based on median sales price. Some years we do better than others, but this year our champion has a fighting shot.

Michigan State, which resides in East Lansing, Michigan, is our champion and represents the most affordable market in the field of 68. Actually Michigan is well represented as Detroit is the runner up. Notre Dame and Syracuse make up the other two members of our Final Four.

As we filled out our brackets, we decided to take a look at how many Coldwell Banker listings are also in the college basketball spirit. Here’s what we found:

  • 1,874 of the current listings on coldwellbanker.com have basketball in the description
  • 13 homes for sale reside on Duke Street, but not a single listing has the phrase “Tar Heel” in it
  • 46 detail pages reference the term “hoops”
  • Sadly, there are no Coldwell Banker listings in Brackettville, TX
  • Eagle & Tiger are the two most popular mascots in NCAA basketball and 1,035 properties on coldwellbanker.com make reference to “eagle” while only 158 refer to “tiger.”
  • And finally, 730 homes for sale promote the fact that they contain a “man cave,” the perfect room for any hoops fan.

You can download a PDF version of the 2012 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability here. Best of luck to your favorite college team and enjoy the madness that is March!


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