Real Estate Headlines for the First Week of April

Winter and Spring are still battling it out for control of the temperature as April rolls in. While we cross our fingers for minimal April showers and more warm weather, here are some hot real estate headlines to hold you over.

A $6.2 million apartment for a 2-year-old? Such is NYC’s luxury housing market.

When it comes to rising housing prices, no country in the world beats Brazil.

Christmas lights still up in April?! Find out which celeb is irking her neighbors with her holiday lights.

Business Insider wrote about A Man Who Bought Nearly 200 Foreclosed Homes to Save His Hometown from Ruin

Are you a hater of housework? Houselogic suggests an attitude adjustment.

Baseball season kicked off this week and a new study examines How Baseball Stadiums Drive Housing Costs

The New York Times located a slice of London, called the “Nuts Area”, so exclusive even the homeowners are visitors. 

There are 9 common mistakes homeowners make on their taxes. Tax day is right around the corner, take a look and avoid them.

And finally, you may be surprised by the location of the classic French mega-mansion pictured above.


National No Housework Day

Ever spend a sunny Saturday stuck indoors cleaning every nook and cranny of your home, only to have it look a few days later like a gang of mischievous 4 year olds threw a party while you were away at work? We’ve all pretty much been there, so this Saturday, go ahead and lock that Swiffer Duster in the closet and throw away the key (just remember where you put it). Ignore your unruly front lawn as it mocks you, leap over the messy pile of toys thrown all over your living room, ignore that pile of mail that you have been meaning to sort through and walk right past that laundry basket begging to be washed..because tomorrow is “National No Housework Day!”

With a winter spent hibernating indoors, eating too much soup and watching entirely too much TV, I’ll take this excuse to ignore household chores as an opportunity to, “get up, get out and do something”. Yes, I really did just quote Macy Gray. So here are some cool things you might want to do on your day FREE from housework.

  1. Sleep in! (no further explanation needed)
  2. Nothing signifies the true start of spring than baseball season getting underway. It’s opening weekend in baseball so if your home team is in town, get some cheap seats and head on over to the ballpark to enjoy America’s favorite national pastime and $30 hotdogs.
  3. If you’re like me, it’s harder to keep in touch with friends over winter because of the holidays and school being in session. Of course there is always catching up on Facebook, but there is nothing like spending time outside of the virtual reality world of friendship that we have all grown so accustomed to. Call up a few of your closest friends and head over to the best diner or restaurant in the town to catch up over breakfast or brunch. Order the french toast and use a lot of syrup.
  4.  If it’s a sunny day for you, like it will be for us in the Northeast, why not get outside with family or friends and get some exercise in by running or playing a sport? Head over to the tennis courts and get your Roger Federer on, shake the rust off your jumper by shooting some hoops, play some wiffle ball, go for a brisk run, hike in the woods or even Golf (hey The Masters are this weekend!)
  5. When night falls, fight off the itch you’ll have to wipe down your kitchen countertops and get caught up on TV. Cuddle up on the couch with family and give your DVR a workout by getting caught up on the shows you’ve fallen behind on. There’s a ton of great shows out now to be excited about. I’ll be getting caught up on Modern Family, Game of Thrones and Mad Men.
  6. If it’s late and you still don’t want to go home, I’d suggest seeing one of the great movies that are currently out in theaters. If you want to score brownie points, I’d suggest Titanic in 3D, but there’s also Hunger Games, Wrath of the Titans and Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

As goofy a “day” as “National No Housework Day” is, hopefully it’ll be a day for you to wind down a bit and spend time with those closest to you. For those who will be observing Passover and Easter, we sincerely hope that you all enjoy it as well!

How will you be spending “National No Housework Day”?