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A Valentine's Day Story of Home

Roses, chocolates, jewelry and dinner reservations are in abundance this week. In case you’re late to the game tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. While it’s typically a holiday that people leave their homes for to go out and enjoy the evening, we have some unique Coldwell Banker stories about people who’ve found love at home.

One of the best stories comes from Colleen Lawler of Coldwell Banker Gundaker in the St. Louis area who has a tale that might very well be the focus of the next Nicholas Sparks novel:

“We have the world’s cutest couple who both had garden style condos in the same area.  She bought one and later he bought one in the same complex.  As chance would have it they met as neighbors and  became friends. Turns out being friends was only the beginning. Soon they started dating and one thing led to another and they got engaged.  They contacted my team to list both of their units and get one sold so they could get a house before the wedding. Their wedding wishes were granted as we were able to sell not just one, but both units.  

Fast forward a couple of years, and they are now renting that first house they bought together and are living in their dream home in the country which they also bought through Coldwell Banker.

Oh and by the way…they now have the world’s cutest baby girl.”

Who doesn’t love the boy meets girl/become friends/fall in love/get married/have beautiful babies storyline? I’m telling you Hollywood is already writing the script for this romance for release on Valentine’s Day 2013.

Home is a place for many stories and memories and for this couple it just happened to be where they found love.

If you have any Valentine’s Day worthy stories about your home, please share them in the comments.


Photo provided by Flickr user Crickontour

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