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The Truth!

Today marks the launch of the final episode in The Truth! series with Funny or Die and Coldwell Banker. Last week’s installment debunked the aged old myth that George Washington had rotten wooden teeth and our first episode looked at the man-cow and its seeming bizarre hatred of the color red.

This week, we continue to look back… this time at American inventor, businessman and genius Thomas Alva Edison. We were all taught in grade school that this mad scientist invented thousands of gadgets and contraptions; most notably the game changing light bulb. Alan Thicke tackles this commonly held belief and asks…did our teachers lie to us? Did Thomas Edison really invent the light bulb? Maybe he did…maybe he didn’t..either way, the truth might surprise you!

This marks the end of our The Truth Series. If you missed the previous episodes you can see episode 1 here and episode 2 here. Enjoy and remember to always keep seeking the truth! (Oh and Coldwell Banker is not a bank) Thanks !




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