Outfitting the Ultimate Lego House

Would you want a Lego kitchen?

Today’s architects and home builders may have all started their careers by building a home with the same object: Legos. For decades Lego has allowed children and adults alike to build mansions, castles and homes of all sizes using just dotted bricks and their imagination. In addition Lego pieces can be found hidden under almost any couch, radiator or refrigerator of homes with children. My house included.

While this post is a few months old, I just came across it recently and it immediately caught my attention. Legos have become more than just building blocks for kids. They’re a cultural phenomenon that’s invading all facets of our society including home decor.

Walyou has a list of 20 Lego items to outfit the ultimate Lego home. From desks to tables to toasters (yes, toasters) and even a Lego radiator you can find an amazing assortment of Lego pieces for your home.

I’ve got my eyes on the Lego grandfather clock. What Lego piece would you most like to have in your home?


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