Real Estate Headlines for the Unofficial End of Summer

Hollywood director, Michael Bay

Labor Day is over. Kids with their backpacks and lunch boxes await the school bus. And so closes the book on another summer. Fitting that it is absolutely pouring out in New Jersey this morning as it makes you dwell less on another summer passing. But on the bright side we have a fresh set of real estate headlines for you:

The KCM Blog wants sellers to act now and is giving home owners 5 great reasons to sell your house today.

Transformers’ director, Michael Bay, is selling his Santa Monica home for $6.8 million. Optimus Prime not included.

Time has a “timely” article on 5 things to know to protect your house against flooding.

The White House is expected to unveil a mortgage plan this week to try and revive housing.

And finally, LXTV asks would you pay $2.6 million for this tiny home in Martha’s Vineyard?

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Simon Davison.

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