Real Estate Headlines for the First Week of October

Malibu home of Ozzy Osbourne

September is officially in the rear view mirror. Welcome to October. It’s the month for postseason baseball, raking leaves, and pumpkin flavored everything. It’s the last month before the winter holiday onslaught officially takes over our lives so enjoy this first full month of autumn while we lay out some real estate headlines for your perusal.

That great lover of lists, Yahoo Real Estate, has a new one that highlights the 5 cheapest places to live in America.

Ozzy Osbourne has just re-listed his Malibu home. Instead of the original $10 million asking price it’s now an affordable $9.45 million.

Inman News sees 5 signs that a real estate recovery is near.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez could be your Realtor? Well she’s playing one in her next film.

And finally, Fortune has a great article entitled, “To fix the economy, first fix the housing market.”


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Real Estate Headlines for Monday Morning after Hurricane Irene

Telluride, Colorado

The East Coast braced for the impact of Hurricane Irene this weekend and our thoughts are with all those who are recovering from its aftermath. As we try to get back to work on what is an eerily beautiful morning in New Jersey after the conditions of yesterday, here are some real estate headlines to be aware of:

Realty Times looks at the stats and says that despite the outlook, affordability remains high for housing.

Telluride, Colorado is quickly becoming the second home haven for Hollywood stars according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Los Angeles Times reports that energy-efficient homes seem to sell faster and fetch higher prices.

And finally, would you believe this is the bedroom of infamous rocker Ozzy Osbourne?

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