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5 New Philadelphia Restaurants to Check Out

Philadelphia isn't just about cheesesteaks. The city has a thriving, well-respected restaurant scene and new Philadelphia restaurants are opening all the time. Make sure you check out some recent additions to the city's dining scene. The post 5 New Phi...

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2016 Living Room Revamp Trends

Your living room: the center of your home's universe. Are you in need of a living room revamp to make this area even more comfortable or suitable to your family? Check out these 2016 trends and get started updating today. The…

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Are You Stuck in the Renter’s Trap?

Are you currently a renter with plans to eventually own a home? If you want to avoid getting stuck in the "renter's trap" for the foreseeable future, you might want to reevaluate your timeline and plan of action.

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