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Hacks for Dog Owners in Philly

Live with a dog in Philly? Then you know the particular challenges involved in raising a pet in a smaller space. A few hacks and tricks will help you keep your space neat and tidy and help you make sure…

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5 Sink Ideas to Bring Your Dream Bathroom to Life

When replacing your bathroom vanity, it can be tempting to install a similar style and move on. However, replacing your sink can be an incredible opportunity to create a focal point to your bathroom. Here are five sink ideas to…

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Four Shoe Organizing Ideas

Whether you're a minimalist when it comes to shoes, or have a pair for very occasion, you need somewhere to store them in your Philadelphia home. Tidy up your space and keep your shoes in order with one or more…

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Bust out the Bubbles: 7 Breathtaking Bathtubs

From modern to antique and from marble to copper, these bathtubs have something for everyone's taste. But, let's be honest, a bubble bath in any of these would be pretty divine. The post Bust out the Bubbles: 7 Breathtaking Bathtubs…

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